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Law Enforcement

Making  communities safer

With extensive experience in the nation’s most elite law enforcement organizations, we provides clients with comprehensive, transformational, and bespoke law enforcement strategies and tactics.

Criminality and Urban Violence

Criminality and urban violence has deleterious effects on cities. Crime harms economic growth, spurs urban flight, and undermines social cohesion.

Individuals should be able to freely live their lives in cities without fear of harassment and/or physical attacks.

Alexander Strategy Group deeply understands the predictors and drivers of crime — ranging from homicide, to theft, to vehicle related issues — and can provide tailored assessments and integrated solutions to make cities safer.

White Collar Crime

White collar crime has an insidious impact. Criminal activity, like public corruption, undermines public trust in institutions and wastes taxpayer dollars.

Cracking down on white collar crimes requires both establishing rules and regulations to protect individuals and corporations from financial crimes and injustices and enforcing them.

ASG equips policymakers with the tools and capabilities necessary to detect, prevent, and respond to white collar crimes.

Law enfoncement

Key Services


Every community has different law enforcement capabilities and law enforcement needs. ASG provides government officials assessments including: Deep understanding of the community’s crime concerns Current law enforcement capabilities Potential areas of improvement These assessments serve as a vital tool in improving law enforcement practices.

Policy Development

One-size-fits-all approaches to law enforcement don’t work. The ASG team develops bespoke law enforcement strategies that are unique to the community that they serve. These strategies inform personnel, training, equipment, and operational decision making to develop the most effective and community-focused law enforcement agencies.

Real-Time Support

Criminal and emergency situations are ever evolving and strategies are only as effective as the manner in which they are implemented. ASG provides real-time strategic, operational, and tactical level support and consulting services. Our law enforcement experts are there when our clients need them.